Glamorous Chongming Island

Green Yiqinyuan Resort


Shanghai Yiqinyuan Resort is located in the north-central of Chongming eco-island, south of Dongping National Forest Park, and adjacent to Xu Genbao Football Base. Yiqinyuan occupies an area of 33.3 hectares, with a complete service of accommodation, dining, convention recreation and leisure facilities. As a high-end business leisure resort, Yiqinyuan is a first choice for fashion travelers to experience enjoyment on the vocation, a lucky place for meeting participants to make a wise decision, a Land of Peach Blossoms (means heaven of peace and happiness) for the elder to cultivate their original nature, and as well as an ideal place for wedding, banquet, and company annual dinner.


■ An immense forest owned exclusively by the Resort can free you from the chaotic and crowded city life, and make you indulge in the tranquil and refreshing green surroundings.

■ 147 deluxe rooms with complete facilities including 4 view rooms in the No. 1 Guestroom Building, 37 feature rooms and suites located at the No.2 and No.5 Guestroom Building, 83 view standard rooms and suites with different styles in the Guestroom Center (No.7 Guestroom Building), and 10 high-end villas with highly private spaces scattering in the forest or at the lakefront.

■ At the Dining Center based on “Chongming specials”, you can enjoy Chongming local specials and seafood from the Yangtze River Delta. The fashion Center results from the combination of Chongming traditional food and modern styles, making you experience enjoyment of taste and vision. Yingzhou Hall and the Club can provide you with customized high-class banquet which focuses on fresh food ingredients for showing the modern artistic elements and bringing extremely delicious seasonal food to our guests. (Note: “Yingzhou” is also known as Chongming Island, means “fabled abode of immortals”)

■ The Conference Center with an area of 1,660 square meters offers state-of-the-art convention facilities and most flexible and convenient conference services. It has 5 conference rooms with different size can meet every need of various meetings; the 5 conference rooms are Sky Wings Auditorium, Dragon Wings, Fly Wings, Double Wings and Yingzhou Wings.

■ The Fitness & Entertainment Center with an area of 3,280 square meters is the best one in terms of facilities in Chongming area. It includes chess rooms, billiard rooms, table tennis rooms, body-building rooms, multi-functional ballrooms, discos and large KTV rooms. The constant temperature natatorium has a standard 4-swimming-lane (short course) swimming pool, supported by sauna facilities; the mini-golf course is only one-pace distance from the Faintness & Entertainment Center.

■ Since the Resort started business in 2002, we have had the great honor to receive many Central Leaders including Jiang Zemin, Wu Bangguo, Xi Jinping, Zeng Qinghong, Zhu Rongji, Zhou Yongkang, Hui Liangyu, Yu Zhengsheng, Li Wuwei and Wei Jianxing etc, and won unanimously high praise from them.

■ The Resort boasts flourishing forest, clear blue lake, twittering birds and strong rustic flavor. It is our aim to make every guest feel enjoyable and comfortable during your stay at the Resort. Hope you will enjoy your stay with us.


Add:No2089, Beiyan Highway,Chongming, Shanghai.202177